How do you best facilitate the sharing and reuse of usability knowledge throughout the world?
Usability evaluation can greatly contribute to knowledge on how to improve design, but currently the results of evaluation are not reported on a wide scale. The potential of the Internet for the global sharing of test data and the resulting knowledge has been underutilized.

The GUKM initiative is undertaken by the Knowledge Communities Research Group, which is part of the Learning Systems Instituteat Florida State University.

      Knowledge Communities Research Group Learning System Institute Florida State University
Global Labs DB »
This site currently links to a database of 451 labs and centers around the world where usability evaluation takes place. We believe it is the most up-to-date and comprehensive database available for usability labs and centers. The database available here represents the first stage of a project that aims to link together all the knowledge generated by usability laboratories and centers around the world.

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Here we highlight the usability labs we have visited in China, Brazil, Thailand, and Philippines.